Thursday, March 23, 2006

Google Added To S&P 500

Google has been added to the S&P 500 meaning many mutual funds will now buy more shares of Google. Google's stock price has gone up almost $28.76, an 8.41% increase. 8.5% is average increase in price that a stock goes up after being added to the index. Google might have known about this earlier so they probably rushed to get Google Finance finished for the day they would enter this list of elite companies. They will be added to the fund at the end of trading on March 31.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Its So Beautiful - Google Finance

Today Google came out with Google Finance.

It is by far the best finance service I have seen. I often use Yahoo or MSN finance to look for stocks and prices, but Google Finance blows them away. It shows the graph of what happened to the stock price during the day with articles of what caused the change. I can see Apple's stock drop when articles about it losing some of its market share in France. I see Google's went up when the news came out about Google Finance. It is ten times easier to look up stocks using Google Finance then the others. This is now one of my favorite Google services and will soon become the standard for stock information. Just go look at it; I can't describe how great this is.

Check it out at

Rating 9.75 Gs out of 10. (Reason for .25 off was because i couldn't compare two stock histories to another.)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Google Wins!

A federal judge today ruled that Google would have to give the DoJ 50,000 random urls from it's database. This is a major victory for Google since the DoJ wanted 1,000,000 URLs and a weeks worth of search requests. This is a victory for both online rights activists and users of Google. Google may not always be perfect, but this time they stood up for what is right. AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft gave up the results without a fights, so one can see which of the companies are "evil."

Thanks Google

Saturday, January 28, 2006

No boycot on Google

Even though Google did something bad that's nothing compared to what Microsoft and Yahoo have done. Working with China- Fairly Bad, Doing Everything you can to help the Chinese Government -Really Bad. Yahoo and Microsoft give the identification of bloggers to the Chinese while Google creates a search page that blocks some words. It is either this or the Chinese Government uses another search engine. Ether Filtered Google or no Google. I think the people of China would rather have a limited funding search engine than no Google at all. Heck China blocked Google before and any search engine in China has to listen to the government. Lets support the search engine that does the least business in China, Google.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google is Helping China

Hold the line Google. To everyone dismay Google is helping china to censor the internet. They won't allow any blogs or web mail on Google's site which is the new cornerstone in the Great Chinese Firewall. It is disappointing that you stand up to the DoJ, which is great, but fail to stand up against China. I'm hoping this isn't as bad as it sounds but only time will tell.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bring it On (Google vs Department of Justice)

Google has refused to give up personal information about its users and what they search for to the United States government. Google is now being sued by the DoJ for not handing over this information.

Google should fight this with everything they've got. Microsoft and Yahoo sold out and gave their users information away. Because of this lawsuit Google's share price dropped $70 and they lost 20 billion dollars in their market cap! 20 billion dollars to protect the people that use Google. If Google's going to go down then it should make its stand here. In an era where information is power and your private information is being taken from you there is no one to stand up for you. Organizations like the ACLU try but there is just too many invasions of privacy. Secret government wire taps and now what ever you search for is analyzed. Microsoft doesn't care about its users. They give out information on bloggers to China and now information on all their users to the US Government. Yahoo does the same as Microsoft and what does Google do? Lose billions of dollars in value and even more in future business. Google isn't a company. It isn't a search engine. It is an idea of helping people and standing up for your rights. If Google were interested in making money do you think they would have not given the DoJ your records? Google stood up and said that this is too far. This is where we draw the line. I call upon all the people of the world to support Google. Stop using Yahoo and MSN search. Don't buy that next version of Microsoft Office. Use FireFox instead of Internet Explorer. Don't download that Yahoo toolbar. Don't buy that Xbox 360. Make your stand with Google and say you have rights. I'm not saying burn every computer with windows on it but show these companies that you have rights and you will stand up with Google for them. Battle lines are being drawn. Which side are you on?


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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Google's Deal With CBS

Google's partnership with CBS will allow users to access content from CBS programs much like how itunes does. They will provide new shows and classic shows like The Brady Bunch and Star Trek. The cost will vary but most shows will cost $1.99. Google Video Store will also provide NBA basketball games for about $4.99.