Saturday, May 28, 2005

EPIC 2014 Not Far Away?

Well those of you who watched EPIC 2014 the fake documentary about Google in the future (See Second Post Entitled EPIC 2014) saw that The New York Times sues Google for violation of copyright law. Now Google is being questioned about violations of copyright law because they are scanning books to be used in Google searches. The strange part is a former New York Times editor said that Google is breaking copyright law... This is getting really weird

Read the article at

Thursday, May 26, 2005

News about The Google Blog

Well now I have a new link to therenegadecoder which is a blog about coding and linix. Also the Google PageRank for the Google blog is now 5/10. After useing this for about 2 weeks the only 10/10 i found was the Google homepage... Also I found The Google Blog linked to from this web page so that is great. I submited my blog to google so when you search for "The Google Blog" you can eventually find it (Probally on the 10th Page but I wont complain)

Google Breaks 260

Ok on Tuesday (I think) Google shares hit $260 for the first time ever. It was at one point up to 265 but went down. Today Google for a change went down. This was the first time it has happend in about a month. During this last surge Google went up from about 180 to 260 so I can't really complain. Hopfully this was just temporary and will continue to rise soon.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Google in S&P 500

There are currently rumors going around on the internet that Google will join the S&P 500 and on this news Google share prices went up $10. This will probably happen because of Google's recent performance. But with Google's potential i wonder why it took so long.

MSN's Stockscouter rating is 10 for goog

Google's stock (goog) has been rated 10 out of 10 buy MSN's Stockscouter which is a really good thing for google and all of its share holders. It doesn't rate a lot of companies 10 and in the Tech stock area it is in the top 50 beating Mircosoft and Yahoo

Here is the link for the rating

Google breaks 250

Sorry i havent posted in a while, but for the 7th day in a row Google stock price broke the all time reccord and hit 250. It is currently at about 255 but was at 258 during the day. I don't think that google stock has gone down since the begining of May. Well i'm glad that it is still going up since i do own one share, which i bought at about 200 just before it went down to the 180s and then back up now

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Google Almost hit 240 in after market trading

Google share prices at about 7:00 were just 10 cents form $240 before dropping about 39 cents BUT NOW AS I CHECK AGAIN IT IS AT 239.97 THE CURRENT RECCORD AND IT IS CURRENTLY AT 239.99 240.10 at 8:09 Eastern time goog broke 240 and hit the reccord

Google for the 4th Day breaks 52 week reccord

Yesterday Google share prices hit 239.97 which was almost $10 over the past 52 week reccored set the day before. This is the 4th day in a row that google broke its current reccord.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Google Buys Dodgeball.Com

Google on May 11th bought a two person company that deals in mobile phone technology. There is an artical about it on

And the homepage of dodgeball

Epic 2014, This is weird

This is a fake documentary on Google, Mircrosoft and the large media companies in the year 1989 to 2014, which also includes the formation of Googlezon. I think it is based of enough facts that it could happen and is really interesting to watch.

It is about 8 minutes long but worth every minute

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

First Post of Google Blog

Ok on this blog i'm going to post things about what is going on with google and all the companies it owns like blogger
As my first news Google share prices hit the record today with $231.98 (About) which is the highest it is been since the IPO
Thanks and please tell me any news you hear about google so i can post it