Monday, October 31, 2005

Google $370?

365 The Number of Days in a year
$365 Google's stock price

In slightly over a year google stock prices have gone up from $85 to almost $370

This might be because that google base will be realeasted soon with its data base of everything

More later

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Google Base

Rumors of a ebay style Google store came true today when bloggers discovered Google Base the so called database of everything. Speculation was that it could include online auctions and classified ads, but Google hasn't commented on what it really is. Could this be the one technology that destroys Microsoft? Probably not but since Google haven't released anything recently this might be the big thing they raised the 4 billion dollars for. We will just have to wait and see

Google Breaks 350

Today google hit a new record again at $356.50 in after market trading on news of Google Base. I'll post more later

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Google's New test Scares Ebay

Google tested a new product and no one is sure what it is. Could it be gmoney or an ebay type service? On this news ebay stock prices fell 4% but Google says that it is just a way for people to submit their content to Google, but no one believes them. Also a glitch is currently causing to be ranked 8/10 using page rank. Normally it is 10/10 but i assume Google will have this fixed soon.

And I regret to say that the mother of civil rights Rosa Parks died on Monday. We will never forget what happened that day in 1955 that started the movement that finally fulfilled the promise in the Declaration of Independence "that all men are created equal."

Monday, October 24, 2005

Google Almost Makes $350

Today google almost hit the $350 mark with a high of 349.30. Anyway some say that the internet wars are over and there is nothing that ms can do to stop google but that time is a long way away

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Google Worth 100 billion

Just after 7 years since starting out Google was worth 100 billion for a period of time on Friday. Nothing really new except for that at share prices are up on this news and many companies take decades to get to this point and many never do so yay for Google

Getting Google Reader To Work

blogscot from had this idea to get google reader to work better. This was posted on

blogscot said,
October 17, 2005 at 1:56 am
Still having trouble with the reader? I blogged the work-around I use to add new subscriptions. I tried the site you had problems with and it worked first time. Here’s it is:
1. Use Firefox!2. View the site you want to subscribe to.3. Bookmark the site using Foxy4. Select properties on the bookmark to access the feed url.5. Copy and paste into the reader.
Here’s one I prepared earlier,

Friday, October 21, 2005

Google Share Prices Break Recored By over $20

Google's gross revenue shot up 96% to 1.58 billion this year in the 3rd quarter and its stock price went up to $342 about 11%. With this they will be able to help beat Microsoft. Most of this revenue was from text ads that are placed on google searches and about 1 billion in net revenue

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Battle Lines are Being Drawn

Technolotics article for this week
Battle lines are being drawn

Microsoft has allied with RealNetworks the maker of the Real media player and Yahoo to combine their instant messaging systems.

Real Networks had a lawsuit for 1 billion for Microsoft use of the windows monopoly to promote windows media player. Lawsuit was will be settled for about 700 million to be paid over the next 18 months.

They will also work together on making DRM stronger and try to drive Apple out of the market of online purchasing of songs

Google and Comcast are interested in buying AOL from Time Warner and with this Google will have the resources to beat Microsoft and become the next slightly less evil monopolizing technology provider

Google also partnered with Sun Microsystems to help create online office software to compete with Microsoft office. In this way Google will slowly take over what Microsoft does and add features like Google Print and Google Earth that Microsoft will have to develop after and better than Google.

(Extra info on Google Print if you want
Google print is a program that searches books and has run into trouble because some say it is a violation of copyright law. This argument has two major flaws 1. Any publisher or author can say that they don’t want their book indexed and 2. It demonstrates fair use under copyright law.)

Reasons that Google could win

Will make free software that Microsoft makes you pay for
Creates features faster than Microsoft and who ever is first to the market like how BlueRay will win for the next DVD
Microsoft has only had two original ideas Clipit and the blue screen of death
Everybody hates Microsoft

Reasons Microsoft would win
3 times the size of Google
Microsoft in the words of Steve Ballmer wants to “f***ing kill Google”
Already has an OS made (if you can call it an OS)
The Microsoft side has the top two Google competitors on it Yahoo and Microsoft

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Technolotics and problems with itunes

Hey for those of you who don't know please listen to Technolotics which is a great pod cast about technology and politics. Please click on the link on the side of the screen and if you want look at 10:45 to 13:25 which is when they talk about Google Reader. Please subscribe to this podcast.

To one ungoogle thing for once

Don't download itunes 6.0. You don't need it unless you have a video ipod. (And if you do listen to technolotics to why you shouldn't have one) And it took me a few hours to get it to work again. If you have problems and you have windows make sure you have downloaded all the updates from Microsoft.

Please send me an email at technolotics(a) just change the (a) to @ if you have any ideas for the next article

So far i'm going with google buying part of AOL with comcast but please send me any ideas if you have any facts about google you want to share or anything you want me to write about

Thanks to technolotics and all of you who read this site

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Google Reader

This is the artical that hopfully will get on technolotics

Recently Google released Google Reader a program that uses RSS feeds to help you view your information faster and better than before. To use it all you have to have is a gmail account and you can subscribe to different feeds like, and The New York Times. It is very similar to a program called Web Clips which runs in Google Sidebar. For those of you who don’t know about Google Sidebar it is Google Desktop 2.0 and takes up about 2 inches of the right side of the screen. From this you can talk online using Google Talk, view stock prices, read your gmail, customized news, web clips, and even listen to evil DRM encrypted itunes. It can also search your computer for AIM chats, websites, programs, all files and folders. If you have Google sidebar there is no need to use reader because it is kind of slow and it doesn’t automatically update the list of what you read like web clips does. Google Reader also doesn’t work for all sites. I couldn’t get to work and to get technolotics to work I had to try it a few times. Not one of their best programs but it serves its purpose. Since it’s only in its beta I would wait before using it more and stick to just reading the sites or using Web Clips.

Monday, October 10, 2005

New Template

Thanks to therenegadecoder for making this cool new template that doesn't have the evil double title. I have to say it didn't look like an acuall blog before and now the hit count is up for my blog to
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Mostly because of the link from Technolotics (Thanks guys) and the new template will help as well. Thanks again therenegadecoder.

Also I really have to get that paragraph done so if someone from technolotics is reading this i'll have it in on Wednesday morning gmt or slightly later if somthing big happends

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Technolotics and Thegoogleblog

Technolotics is a podcast about tech and politics. It is a great show and I would recomend listening to it whenever you get a chance. I offered to write about Google for them and they said yes which is great and should get some more readers for thegoogleblog. I'll be writing a short paragraph about google and they will put it on the show and i'll post it here as well if you want to read it. Thanks again to Gareth Stack, Francis McGuiligudy and Jason McCandless of Technolotics.

Edit: More thanks to Gareth Stack for creating the new banner at the top of the page, it looks way better than the old one i made with microsoft paint

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Google To Open NASA Facilty

Google will open a 1 million square foot facility on NASA property but what they will do in relation to NASA is unknown. Rumors range from working with NASA to organize data to the really unlikely Google Space Ships. But was has been released by NASA is that they will cooperate on project like organising data and allowing Google to use its super computer. With this news and the past info on Google i would have to say that Yahoo isn't going to make it for long and Microsoft will have to start stopping Google is they will survive for another 10 years

Google Bids to Provide WiFi to San Francisco

Google is bidding with other companies to provide free WiFi to the entire city of San Francisco. Some speculate that Google will use its over 7 billion dollars in cash to create a national WiFi network. My opinion is that they will do something fairly big and buy I also think in the next 5 years Google will do something big and revolutionise an industry. The next few weeks will show what Google will do with its cash and it will be big.