Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Google Pridicted to Go to $600 By the End of 2006

Google has been predicted buy another firm to go to $575. This caused the stock to rise $20 to $435. With this continued rapid expansion and a probably a new Google product coming out on Friday who knows what could happen. I predict within the next 3 years Google will have a revolutionary technology so my 3 year prediction is $1000. It sounds high but if you look at Google's progress it might be even higher than that. Anyway in the near future look for some new changes in this blog as I continue to update it and get some more readers. Also if you are reading all the way through this I might be looking for a writer to help me so just post a comment to this telling me that you are interested with your email address.

Thanks and Happy New Year,



Anonymous Black Hat SEO Forum said...

its now 2011 can you update me on this as id like to know if your prediction was correct, Thanks

6:59 PM  

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