Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Its So Beautiful - Google Finance

Today Google came out with Google Finance.

It is by far the best finance service I have seen. I often use Yahoo or MSN finance to look for stocks and prices, but Google Finance blows them away. It shows the graph of what happened to the stock price during the day with articles of what caused the change. I can see Apple's stock drop when articles about it losing some of its market share in France. I see Google's went up when the news came out about Google Finance. It is ten times easier to look up stocks using Google Finance then the others. This is now one of my favorite Google services and will soon become the standard for stock information. Just go look at it; I can't describe how great this is.

Check it out at http://finance.google.com/finance

Rating 9.75 Gs out of 10. (Reason for .25 off was because i couldn't compare two stock histories to another.)


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